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We are creators and curators of digital content for lifestyle brands – F&B, Fashion, Travel and much more.

We work closely with local musicians to connect your brand to the right target audience and increase exposure + engagement.

For Musicians


Access to more Gig and Show requests through Lava’s automated booking service that links musicians to venues.


Fans who love you want to love you more.


Lava will help you market your ‘merch’ to supporters and pretty much anyone with good taste. Yes, Lava can market your music too.

Brands are constantly on the lookout for the next-big-thing to represent them.


Lava markets Local Musicians to brands and companies with the right fit





 When marketers think of content, they forget how influential music can be among audiences.


From sponsoring a live music event to getting musicians as a legion of ambassadors to promote their products, Lava helps companies to form relationships with musicians and get exposure to selective target markets, public awareness and sales, and coolness by associating themselves with hip and “in” music. 


Social influencers marketing

Lava works with musicians to connect your brand to the right influencer to increase exposure to the right target demographics. Imagine if your favourite musician/band mentions your brand in a very non-agenda driven creative way. The engagement and conversion is far more powerful than spending thousands on an ad in a magazine.


Influencer marketing through social is the way to the future and we have the relationships with the right group of influencers to create the campaigns needed to give your brand maximum exposure.


Branded music content

Lava helps connect musicians with commercial brands seeking for personalized music productions ranging from radio jingles, video commercials, feature films, corporate videos to social media marketing campaigns.


Based on a brands story and character, musicians on Lava can help curate an original song that best represents their persona and bring it to life through music.

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