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Monalyssa are Haiqal (vocals), Ball (Guitars), Moja (Bass/Synth), Syuk (Guitars) and Ringo (drums). Fuelled by a mutual interest in music and performing, they formed the band in 2010 and took inspiration from the music of The Killers, Coldplay, Tame Impala as well as local heavyweights Faizal Tahir, Hujan and Meet Uncle Hussein. They found their niche in marrying modern rock, alternative pop and rock ballads. The combination worked, and it gave Monalyssa the unique edge that defines the band's sound.


Five years on, and Monalyssa has grown from strength to strength, having performed for a mixed audience in various shows, events and music festivals across Malaysia. What sets the Monalyssa boys apart are the varied background that they come from, with each member pooling into the group, their different personalities, skills and experiences.


The band released their debut EP in 2011 entitled “10 Seconds 5 Minutes 1 Hour” which jumpstarted the band on the punk rock platform. Subsequently, they released “Scars” in 2014 as the official soundtrack of an animated movie and series in Malaysia. Their “Dua Kaki Berlari” single in 2015 was released after they were crowned champion of a Malaysian radio/tv show competition which then kick-started the band’s career on the mainstream platform.




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