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Muck started1994 with Myo (Drum), Ducktoi (Vocal/Guitar), Kujoy (Guitar) & Feroz (Bass), inspired by bands like Dinosaur Jr., Sonic Youth, Pavement, Pixies & Sebadoh. Muck have played in notable shows such as Baybeats Festival in Singapore (2002), Rock The World 7 (2006), Sunburst KL (2009), Rockaway (2012),Urbanscape (2012) etc. and toured Indonesia, Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Yogyakarta in 2006. Muck has so far released 2 demo tapes in 1995 and 1996, an EP and various of compilations. In 2008, Muck recorded songs for their debut album, which was to be released at the end of 2008, Due to some complications, the band had to stop the process of the album and only managed to release a single. After a couple of years of hiatus, Muck is back and performed in Mull;Debauch to Kuala Lumpor that took place in The Actors' Studio in July 2012. The members have agreed to finish what they have started: the album.

Muck is one of the headlining acts at the Northern Music Festival 2016.


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